General Information, Ingredients, Cure Time, etc.

How to Order:

We offer sampler boxes of eight scents available six times a year, bi-monthly. In the following month you'll be able to order unlimited quantities of each scent from the previous month's box. These will be filled on a pre-order basis, and sold in clamshell and Patisserie Poche (small chunk bag) sizes. We would also love to have CYO events a few times a year, so please stay tuned for that as well.

We also have Patisserie Pouches and Clamshells available in our core scents; available scents will be in the drop-down for the product listings.  We'll be adding the two most popular scents from each box to the core line.  As time goes on less popular scents might be removed; plenty of notice will be given before the removal of any scents.  These orders operate on a 10 - 14 business day TAT.

When testing new scents we'll be offering limited amounts of samplers; these will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.  We may also have over-pour flash lots available from time to time as well.  Pricing on these will vary from lot to lot and will be dependent on the quantity and weight of wax.

Wax Type & Ingredients: We use a para-soy (paraffin and soy) blend for all tarts; all tarts are scented with fragrance oils and colored with wax specific dyes.

Cure Time: We generally test tarts at one week from the pour date, so we recommend waiting at least that long.  For many para-soy blends 2 weeks is a good "sweet spot" for cure time if you're able to wait that long.  All wax will be labeled clearly with a pour date.

Warmer Type: We test in an electric bulb warmer with a 25 watt bulb; the exact warmer we use can be found here:


  • Bi-Monthly Samplers: $20 shipped
  • Clamshells: $3.75 each + shipping
  • Patisserie Poche (small chunk bags): $9.25 for 8 oz + shipping

Shipping: shipping is a flat-rate of $7.75 when ordering from the store and is an additional cost, with the exception of the bi-monthly boxes where shipping is included.  ALL shipping overages and those with multiple order within one ordering window will receive refunds for any overages.  Refunds will be issued by the ship date for the given ordering window. 

With summer right around the corner, please be mindful that wax melts and if packages are left out in hot weather, you could be coming home to quite the mess.  Unfortunately we cannot replace wax that has melted in transit, so please plan accordingly.  We do our best to ensure our wax reaches you in a safe and timely manner, however, we cannot be held responsible for packages lost, damaged, or stolen while in transit.  We are looking to offer both hold for pickup and ice pack options for your packages.  Please reach out to us if you'd be interested in those services.

We can be reached at

Thank you so much for visiting our site, and we hope you love our wax!