Fragrances released thus far:

Core Scents

  • Aurora: Aurora’s sweet and gentle nature is beautifully showcased in this yummy blend of tart creamy lemon, accented with a hint of crust, and a luscious combination of vanilla, caramel, cotton candy, bergamot, and Sicilian orange. Topped off with lily, licorice blossoms, and strawberry and you’d swear you were in the presence of Princess Aurora. (Pink Sugar + Lemon Biscotti)
  • Be Our Guest: Lumiere has truly rolled out the red carpet for us! He’s wrapped up our fabulous feast with a truly decadent dessert composed of strawberries drenched in honey infused with sweet orange, all topped with fluffy marshmallow. Who needs a grumpy beast when such amazing desserts are up for grabs! (Yummy Mummy + Marshmallow)
  • Coronation Day: It’s finally here, the day for which Anna has been waiting! We’ve truly outdone ourselves with a grand spread of every treat in Arrendale. The dessert table is lined with sweet pumpkin pie, crème brulee, funnel cakes, and of course CHOCOLATE! Any princess would be thrilled to dig into this impressive feast! (Chocolate Pumpkin + Crème Brulee + Funnel Cake)
  • Fauna: Arguably the sweetest of the trio of fairies, she has cooked up a feast of orange delights in chiffon cake and orange crumble, all topped with ooey gooey caramel and marshmallow. How Aurora maintained her gorgeous figure in this house is beyond me! (Orange Chiffon + Marshmallow + VBN)
  • Flora: Easily the ring-leader for our group of fairies, it makes perfect sense that her signature scent be that of a rose, in this case a Briar Rose. Accented with fresh citrus, a hint of strawberry, and luscious vanilla cake bites, you’ll soon be entranced by this decadent fairy. (Rose Jam + Buttery Cake Bites)
  • Forbidden Mountain: The place where the queen on all evil rules on high! She’s scented her home with a haunting mix of orange blossom, spice, dark florals, and a hint of patchouli. She may be evil, but darn it if her home does not smell divine! (Supernova type)
  • Gandalf the Grey: Oh our sweet wizard, how you've come to our aid time and time again! You bring such an immense feeling of comfort with calming scents of pipe smoke and elven bread (cornbread that is). We’d be truly lost on our journey with you! (Cornbread + Pipe Smoke)
  • In Summer: We’ve granted sweet Olaf’s wish of summer days with a grand picnic by the beach. We’ve packed all the necessities, including luscious cupcakes topped with coconut frosting, sweet butter cookies, and fresh blackberry jam. Here’s hoping our sweet friend doesn’t melt before tasting all the goodies! (Island Goddess Cupcake + Danish Butter Cookies + Black Raspberry Vanilla + Marshmallow)
  • Merryweather: The underdog of fairies, with the favorite hue of blue, has cooked up an amazing blend of blueberry breakfast treats! She has baked her way into our hearts with fresh blueberry muffins, blueberry flapjacks, and glazed donuts. We’ll need a long frolic in the enchanted forest after this feast! (Blueberry Muffin + Blueberry Pancakes + Glazed Doughnuts)
  • Mrs. Potts: Sweet and wonderful Mrs. Potts, one of the few rays of light while we’re held hostage in this dreary castle. She comforts us with her calming aroma of vanilla mixed with a hint of fresh bananas and sweet orange. She heard our tummies growling and has bustled off to the kitchens to whip us up some fresh blueberry muffins. Bless that lovely teapot! (Vanilla Banana + Blueberry Muffin + Graham Cracker + Serendipity)
  • Once Upon a Dream: Allow this mellow blend to lull you to a peaceful sleep until you’re ready to be awoken by your prince (or princess). The solid base of rich Egyptian amber, lavender, and chamomile will make you think you’re living in a dream land. Add in the comforting scent of fresh baked sugar cookies smeared with marshmallow and caramel, and this fragrance is a dream come true! (Lavender + Chamomile + Amber + VBN)
  • Prince Phillip: Our knight in shining armor come to rescue us from our cursed slumber! His comforting scent of cozy flannel married with masculine oak and a touch of sweet vanilla is enough to break any curse. And yes that’s a bit of dragon fire you smell, but he risked his life for us, so we’ll let it slide just this once! (Bonfire + Woolen Blanket + Vanilla & Oak)
  • Rivendell: At long last we have arrived at Rivendell! Our journey may have only just begun, but we are deeply comforted by the soothing aromas of lavender and chamomile that surround this enthralling place. Those wonderful elves must have known how hungry we would be, as we’re fairly certain there’s an enticing aroma of vanilla cakes drenched in caramel emanating from the kitchens (Lavender + Chamomile + VBN)
  • The Shire: The sweet smell of daisies and days of simpler times are what the Shire bring to mind. As we amble along the grassy knolls we are struck with the sweet smell of strawberry patches, citrus groves, and fields of lush wildflowers. We could not think of a happier place to return to after our arduous journey. (Daisy type)
  • Shield of Virtue: Without the Shield of Virtue, our gallant Prince Phillip would be done for! A warm summer breeze accented with notes of ozone, salty sea spray, seaweed, driftwood, and water lily remind us why we fell in love with our gallant hero. Vanquish that dragon and kiss us already! (Sea Air & Seaweed + Driftwood + Water Lily)
  • Sword of Truth: Prince Phillip’s journey to save his beloved Princess Aurora weaves through thick mists and lush forests accented with notes of jasmine and ylang ylang, entwined with rich green citrus, ozone, and thick moss. That dragon didn’t know what she had gotten herself into! (Jasmine + Ylang Ylang +Citrus + Ozone & Moss)

Oathkeeper Collection

  • Fire & Blood: Sweet Danaerys has turned into quite the force, bringing her brand of justice to all those across the narrow sea.  The lands of Mereen and Astaphor are known for their delightful aroma of sweet pineapple, luscious peach, and bright citrus.  As we lie in the blazing sun we are treated with mists of jasmine, lavender, and sweet rose.  As night falls, the queen’s impressive dragons strike up a bonfire for us to toast fresh vanilla marshmallows (Caribbean Salsa + Marshmallow Fireside + Vanilla Bean Nectarine)
  • Growing Strong: Thank goodness for Margaery Tyrell, without whom our time in Kings Landing would be completely unbearable.  She is ever the courteous lady, treating us to sweet southern tea with a dash of coconut milk.  As Lady Tyrell departs, we are left with a sweet aroma of fresh tea roses and soothing lavender. (Rose Petals + Southern Iced Tea + Lavender & Coconut Milk)
  • Hear Me Roar
    The rich house of Lannister is made even more impressive by their glorious home at Casterly Rock. The scent of warm honey fills the air, along with that of the fresh apricots grown in the orchards. After our long journey we are treated with glasses of cool sweet milk and the most luscious and rich strawberries in all the seven kingdoms (Strawberry + Apricot & Honey + Sugar Milk)
  • Ours is the Fury: Stannis Baratheon might be the rightful king of Westeros, but he has no charm whatsoever.  Thank goodness for his lovely daughter, Shireen, who snuck us some fresh berries and bananas with rich cornbread, with decadent sweet milk on the side.  She truly lives up to the title of princess. (Cornbread + Berry Banana + Sugar Milk)
  • Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken: As our ships glide past the red mountains of Dorne, we are swept up in the glorious tropical aromas of coconuts, berries, and lime. Prince Doran welcomes us into his home with a feast of berry cream puffs, accented with pillowing mounds of vanilla whipped cream and drizzled with caramel. (Berry Buttercream Puffs + Bakery Dough + VBN + Bahama Fizz)
  • We Do Not Sow: As we sail down to the Iron Islands of House Greyjoy, we are overcome with the aroma of salty sea air, cedarwood, and myrtle.  Better slather on that Coppertone as it’s sure to be a long day at sea. (Coppertone + Buttermilk & Honey + Aqua di Sale)
  • Watchers on the Wall: Those brave men of the Night’s Watch leave a comforting aroma of leather, clove, and amber wherever they go.  All that time beyond the wall is evident by their air of pine and soft winter crocuses.  I don’t know about you, but I certainly feel much more at ease knowing these brave soldiers are guarding the realms of men. (Leather + Crocus + Pine + Woolen Blanket)
  • Winter is Coming: Sweet Sansa has been through so much in her short life, the least we can do is serve up her favorite treat, lemon cakes with a side of blackberry jam and luscious butter cookies.  Sansa’s sweet and gentle nature is further accented by her lovely air of sweet vanilla and honey.  Lady Stark would have been so proud! (Lemon Biscotti + Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies + VBN + Buttermilk & Honey)

Pretty Little Liars Mini-Collection

  • Alison: Alison is the perfect picture of sugar & spice and everything nice, or is she?  She lulls in her victims with her seemingly sweet and irresistible fragrance of sweet milk, luscious strawberries, and pink sugar. (Pink Sugar + Sugar Milk + Strawberry)
  • Aria: Sweet Aria has always been a fan favorite, and it’s no surprise with her sweet hippy nature and alluring aroma of comforting amber and rich vanilla.  If that wasn’t enough to make her the perfect girl, she’s off to bake Ezra a fresh blackberry pie topped with fluffy whipped cream. (Blackberry Pie + VBN + Amber + Sweet Bakery Dough)
  • Emily: Emily has always been considered “the nice one,” and it’s no wonder with her calming scent of lavender and coconut milk.  Being the exceptional swimmer that she is, Emily leaves the lovely scent of Coppertone wherever she goes. (Coppertone + Lavender & Coconut Milk + Sugar Milk)
  • Hanna: Hanna is the ultimate girly-girl with her fabulous shoes and impeccable taste in fashion.  Her signature scent is that of yummy yellow cake, topped with luscious buttercream frosting and fresh fruit.  Looks like her main squeeze Caleb has stopped by to take her to the local carnival for some sweet cotton candy, fresh-popped kettle corn, and funnel cake. (Funnel Cake + Cotton Candy + Hawaiian Rainbow Cake + Kettle Corn) 
  • Spencer - Spencer is the resident know-it-all, but she has a soft spot for the ever-faithful Toby.  He’s downright irresistible with his natural air of sweet bakery dough, luscious vanilla, and sweet caramel.  Spencer, being the type-A perfectionist that she is and always trying to impress with her vast knowledge of pretty much everything, has whipped up some truly fabulous lemon ice box cookies with a side of fresh blueberries, topped with mounds of vanilla whipped cream. (Blueberries n' Cream + Lemon Cookies + Sweet Bakert Dough + Sugar Milk)

Hallows Collection

  • Demon Barber of Fleet Street - As we step into Mr. Todd's immaculate barbershop, we are overcome with an intoxicating aroma of soft musk, amber, and bay rum.  As we relax into his chair for our weekly shave, we catch wafts of delicious strawberry pastries and grapefruit cake from Mrs. Lovett's shop just downstairs. (Avocado & Sea Salt + Strawberry Parfait + Barbershop)
  • Headless Horseman - Better head for the hills, the horseman is on the loose again!  As we race through the woods of Sleepy Hollow, we are overcome with the rich aroma of plum trees, the slightly decayed flowers of summer's past, and rich cedar.  As we near safety, we are greeted with the rich aroma of butterscotch and hot toddies, which is enough to stifle even the deepest of chills.  Here's hoping Mr. Crane catches that dastardly horseman before it's too late! (Caramel Aspen Woods type)
  • I Am Not Complete - Edward’s tale of love and loss is a sad one indeed, made even more so by his seemingly endless search for a family. As he travels through the wood surrounding his childhood home, he is overcome with the calming aroma of soothing chamomile, fresh mown hay, and ripe apples. Airs of fresh mint and bay remind him of the cooler months that will be upon him before he knows it. Here’s hoping Edward finds his forever home before the deep chill sets in. (My take on Lush Smell of Weather Turning; Mint + Chamomile + Hay + Bay)
  • It's Showtime - The ghost with the most has cooked us up an amazing, yet unusual spread for our first afterlife brunch. We have a bowl of haunting crunch berries swimming in a pool of ooey gooey sweet milk along with the creamiest vanilla milkshake this side of the netherworld. Our mortally challenged friends say there’s a special ingredient to make that milkshake truly fit for the afterlife, but what could it be?! Word on the street is it’s a side of bacon, but there’s no way…or is there? (Vanilla Bacon Milkshake + Captain Crunch Berries + Sugar Milk)
  • Mad as a Hatter - A very merry Un-Birthday to you! We have all gathered in Wonderland to have a truly magical tea party with none other than the Mad Hatter and March Hare. They’ve served up a remarkable spread of goodies including fragrant pumpkin chai tea lattes, banana walnut cakes, and rich crème brulee. Wonderland certainly is a magical and delicious place; we must visit again soon… (Banana Walnut Cake + Sweet Pumpkin + Chai + Vanilla Crunch)
  • Miss Kitty - Selena Kyle is your typical meek and mild secretary, with her sweet demeanor and amiable nature. Ms. Kyle was definitely the stereotypical pushover that is until one fateful night where she became the Cat Woman. She lulls in her victims with her seductive aroma of white pumpkin, lilac, & musk, and then she unleashes a wrath known only to the fiercest of jungle felines. After she’s done away with her victims, she scampers off to enjoy some delicate floral milk with a side of white chocolate macadamia cookies. (White Chocolate Macadamia + White Pumpkin & Lilac + Got Milk type)
  • Mr. Wonka - The day has finally arrived where we get to go on a behind-the-scenes tour of the infamous Wonka factory! Upon meeting Mr. Wonka, we notice that while he is a bit strange, he has a very calming aroma of rich vanilla and exotic sandalwood. He also smells of his latest and greatest creations, which at this moment must contain fresh apples and the most sinfully rich butterscotch one would possibly imagine! (Vanilla Sandalwood + Hot Buttered Rum + Taffy Apple)
  • The Pumpkin King - After an incredibly busy All Hallows Eve, Jack, our resident pumpkin king and master of all thinks spooky, certainly deserves a break. He has invited us to gather our mugs of pumpkin lager and harvest ale and attend a glorious bonfire to celebrate the scariest Halloween in recent memory. (Pumpkin Lager + Firewood + Harvest Ale + Sugar Milk)

Slapsgiving Mini-Collection

  • Bask-Ice-Ball - Lily and Marshall are headed home to St. Cloud MN for a holiday full of over-grown relatives and gallons of mayonnaise. Bless Lily's heart for trying to incorporate some NYC flair with her mango sorbet, but the Ericksons are content to stick to buttery cornbread biscuits with a side of fresh buttermilk. (Mango Sorbet + Cornbread + Buttermilk & Honey)
  • Blitz-giving - Bliztgiving - What's Thanksgiving without close friends and your arch nemesis? Poor Ted has to put up with the stubborn and dream-dashing Zoe on what should be the happy occasion where he debuts his tur-tur-key-key (patent pending). At least Lily has whipped up some amazing pumpkin pecan waffles with a side of fresh cornbread for us to munch on as we watch all the drama unfold. Better stick around or you could risk becoming the Blitz! (Pumpkin Pecan Waffles + Cornbread)
  • Major Buzzkill - Things have become increasingly awkward between Ted and Robin after their untimely breakup, so lets hope that Thanksgiving can bring everyone back together. This year's feast is capped off with rich cranberry cobbler, topped with cornbread muffin crumbles, and whipped butterscotch marshmallow. (Cranberry Cobbler + Cornbread Muffins + Butterscotch Marshmalllow)
  • Slapsgiving - has been announcing Barney's impending doom for months, but the day is finally here! Thankfully for Barney there's a feast of piping hot cornbread and sweet potato casserole, topped with fluffy marshmallow and rich brown sugar to ease his woes. (Sweet Potato Brown Sugar + Cornbread + Marshmallow)
  • Slaps-giving: Revenge of the Slap - Lily's dad has come back into the picture, which is sure to create a drama-filled Thanksgiving. Thank goodness we have fresh pumpkin cider doughnuts, cornbread muffins, and a side of fresh milk to satiate our appetites while the Aldrens work out their differences. Lets hope they make amends by turkey-time! (Pumpkin Doughnuts + Cornbread Muffins + Sugar Milk)

Ranking Bass Mini Collection

  • A Fat Santa – Mrs. Claus sure has her work cut out for her this year as all of the stress of the fast approaching Christmas Eve has made our Santa thin as a rail! Have no fear, because she’s armed with fresh sugar cookies, rich cheesecake, scrumptious marshmallows, and sinfully sweet candy canes. Wash that all down with a glass of sweet milk, and our Santa is sure to be his rotund and jolly self by the 24th! (Candy Cane + Cheesecake + Marshmallow + Sugar Cookies + Sugar Milk)
  • His Nose So Bright - what better way for Rudolph to prepare for his premiere at the lead of Santa’s sleigh then with a platter of his favorite treats. A mountain of fresh gingerbread, thickly frosted sugar cookies, and rich eggnog topped with whipped cream are enough to make anyone’s nose “glow so bright.” (Eggnog + Sugar Cookies + Gingerbread + Whipped Cream)
  • Island of Misfit Toys – as we make our way to the Island of Misfit Toys, we are surrounded by the arctic aromas of fresh juniper berries, eucalyptus, woods, and spearmint. Once we land in this magical place, we are sure to be greeted with piping hot slices of blueberry pie, topped with luscious toasted marshmallows. If this is what it means to be a misfit, then we’re on board! (Poison Pie + Marshmallow Fireside + Sweater Weather)
  • The Bumble – what was once the terror of the North Pole has now become a lovable gentle giant, thanks to Herbie, our resident dentist. Now that we’re all BFF, it’s time to cozy around the fire with warm fuzzy blankets and cups of piping hot coffee topped with mounds of homemade whipped cream. If we’re lucky maybe Mrs. Claus will crack open one of our favorite leather-bound books and read us a magical tale to help us drift off to dreamland. (Leather Bound Books + Vanilla Lace + Woodsmoke + Coffee Ice Cream)
  • Yukon Cornelius – after a long day at the North Pole searching for the Bumble, Mr. Cornelius certainly deserves a much-needed break. We can still smell the fresh pine trees on him as we bring over our coziest of blankets and a plate of fresh cookies with warm milk. (Cookies & Milk + Woolen Blanket + Evergreen)

White Christmas Collection

  • Columbia Inn - We’ve finally made it to the picturesque Columbia Inn, and let me tell you, it was certainly worth that long train ride! As we cozy up to the crackling fire we are treated to heaping plates of honey gingerbread, fresh cranberries, and glasses of the creamiest eggnog one could hope to find! (Woodsmoke + Honey Gingerbread + Cranberry + Eggnog)
  • Count Your Blessings - If you’re worried and you can’t sleep, just count your blessings instead of sheep. If the sweet lullaby from Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney aren’t enough to lull you off to sleep, then this blend of fresh lavender, succulent cornbread, and buttermilk (of course!) certainly will. (Lavender Milk + Cornbread + Buttermilk & Honey + Sweet Bakery Dough)
  • Four-Star General - Even though over a decade has passed since his time in the service, General Waverly is still the picture of poise and precision. As he makes his way down for the Christmas Eve party, we are overcome with the pleasing aroma of his freshly polished leather jack-boots, sweet vanilla aftershave, and a hint of his recently smoked pipe. (Caramel Pipe Tobacco + Vanilla Nutmeg + Cuban Tobacco + Leather)
  • Nothing but a Scratch- Davis was certainly the hero of the night as he pushed Wallace out of harm’s way, forever bonding the two. Don’t feel too bad for Davis, as he got to spend a few weeks in the hospital wing surrounded by nurses and their calming aroma of patchouli and sweet cream. Davis even managed to charm a few of them to bring him luscious vanilla smoothies when the doctor’s back was turned. That Davis, always a charmer! (Lord of Misrule type + Vanilla)
  • Pine Tree, Vermont – Pine Tree, VT is one of those places that you know immediately by its distinct aroma of lush evergreen forests, blanketed by soft white snow. It wouldn’t be Christmas in New England without our obligatory homemade candy canes and fresh vanilla cakes topped with fluffy almond icing. (Snowcake type + Candy Cane + Evergreen)
  • Sisters, Sisters - Never were there such devoted sisters! Betty & Judy Haynes make quite the lovely pair as they dance across a glittering stage. They have ab enticing aroma of lush vanilla cakes and fresh strawberries, topped with sinfully sweet vanilla ice cream with a side of macadamia cookies. Wallace & Davis never stood a chance! (White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies + Strawberry Bread + Ice Cream Scoop Bread)
  • Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow - as we make our way up to Pinetree, Vermont, we are overcome with the fresh wintry aroma of juniper berries, sage, woods, and eucalyptus. Nothing like some sweet vanilla sugar cookies and spearmint tea with a side of rock candy to warm our bellies before we head out into the brisk New England winter. (Sweater Weather + Cotton Candy + Sweet Bakery Dough)
  • Wallace & Davis - Oh Wallace & Davis that impeccable duo has been wooing crowds for years with their incredible vocals and dance moves. We had the amazing opportunity to meet them backstage, and I must say they had the most intoxicating aroma of fresh smoke Cuban cigars, luscious blackberries, and a slight air of bay rum. (Blackberry & Bay + Caramel Pipe Tobacco + Sugar Milk)

Alan Rickman / David Bowie Mini-Collection

  • Always - Severus' and Lily's relationship is one of great beauty and surprise. His love for her is what makes him one of the unsung heroes of HP, and my personal favorite character. This lovely blend of soft ocean breezes, driftwood, raw cane sugar, and fresh mint are reminiscent of their time together, unexpected, yet beautiful. (Sea Salt & Driftwood + Raw Sugar & Mint)
  • Major Tom - Whenever I hear Space Oddity I think about Major Tom and what this lovely fellow must have been like, at least in Bowie's mind. Personally, I picture a well established major with an air of soothing amber, soft blackberries, and a whiff of pipe smoke. Sounds like my kind of guy! (Blackberry Amber + Pipe Smoke + VBN)
  • Ode to Ziggy - We all know that David Bowie marched to a different drummer, but that was what made him truly special. This magical blend of fruity cereals, marshmallow, and sweet sugary milk are just that, a beautiful blend of truly magical elements that anyone is sure to love! (Lucky Charms + Fruity Pebbles + Sugar Milk)
  • Page 394 - I think we can all in agreement that going to Professor Snape's potions class is the stuff of nightmares. His dark dungeon gives off a constant barrage of smells in the form of woodsmoke, absinthe, and a touch of aging potions manuals. Fingers crossed I can make it through this wretched class and pass my O.W.Ls! (Firewood + Absinthe + Honey & Shea + Library)

Golden Girls Collection

  • It's Me, Stan - Stanley is the ever-present cockroach that despite our best efforts we cannot seem to be rid of. I will give him this, his pleasing aroma of vanilla, citrus, and musk makes him at least slightly bearable. We'll need a treat of luscious cakes and freshly brewed tea to recover from his latest scheme. (Blue Sugar + Tea & Cakes)
  • MA! - We might not always like it, but Sophia gives the most sage advice around. She's gathered us around the kitchen table for another round of love, laughs, tales of Sicily, and what else, cheesecake! This go round we have sinfully sweet cheesecake topped with fresh tart blueberries encased in a crust of crushed pizzelle. Sophia's air of soft lavender and vanilla add to the overall feeling of calm and serenity she brings to our lives. What would we do without her!? (Pizelle + Lavender Milk + Blueberry Cheesecake)
  • Mrs. Devereaux - Blanche is the epitome of style, grace, and lets face it, snagging all the best men! It must be her irresistible aroma of soft lilac rich vanilla, luscious Georgia peaches, and fresh Florida oranges. Who in their right mind would be able to resist her?! (Florida Sunshine + Lilac + VBN)
  • Oh Shutup Rose! - Dear Rose is so sweet but I think we can all agree that enough is enough with all the dang St. Olaf stories! At least we know that once we sit through her droll stories we'll be treated with warm apple pie, caramel white chocolate cheesecake, and a glass of ice cold buttermilk on the side. (Buttermilk & Honey + Apple Butterscotch Cake + Caramel Cheesecake + White Chocolate Cake)
  • Really Columbo?! - Dorothy may be the resident negative Nancy and full of a never ending stream of sarcasm, but she definitely has her bright spots. In an attempt to make up for her regularly snarky nature, she has whipped us up a feast of dulce de leche cheesecake topped with rich wildberry mousse and a side of luscious corn pudding. She may be a tough old bird, but we wouldn't have her any other way! (Tres Leches + Birthday Cheesecake + Sugar Corn Pudding + Wildberry Mousse)